Safeguard your photos, personal docs, work files, and much more. As much as some would like it to be, not everything is black and white. Peter Norvig discusses near-optimal solutions to traveling salesman problem: Pages 1048 - 1140 in CLRS if you have it. faster games, and better communication. If you end up implementing red/black tree try just these: Search and insertion functions, skipping delete, In practice: And you'll save months of time. And it certainly doesn't use tables for layout. It's expensive just keeping the lights on. ; Grammar: use of past simple and comparison between present simple and past simple.Oral comprenhesion: videos of … The objective of the present degree work was the design of a prototype of an inmotic system based on facial recognition using artificial vision, to control access in restricted areas, the achievement of the following objectives was proposed: as the main one was the design of the prototype that meets all the requirements, in addition to investigating artificial vision algorithms … 2/3 of surveyed users say Dropbox keeps their files more secure and we’re a leader in ease of use. Now some of you are thinking, "yea, but, wait, having a single huge source file is a terrible idea". PySimpleGUI wasn't inexpensive to create. Fun fact: it's a mystery, but the B could stand for Boeing, Balanced, or Bayer (co-inventor). In the process, the experimental method was used to carry out the present study. Our successes are ultimately shared. II & Intro to NP Completeness (video), CSE373 2020 - Lecture 23 - NP-Completeness (video), CSE373 2020 - Lecture 24 - Satisfiability (video), CSE373 2020 - Lecture 25 - More NP-Completeness (video), CSE373 2020 - Lecture 26 - NP-Completeness Challenge (video), Complexity: P, NP, NP-completeness, Reductions (video), Complexity: Approximation Algorithms (video), Complexity: Fixed-Parameter Algorithms (video), The Central Processing Unit (CPU) (video), The Magic of LRU Cache (100 Days of Google Dev) (video), MIT 6.004 L15: The Memory Hierarchy (video), Operating Systems and System Programming (video). Just the videos - 41 (each are simple and each are short): Know about the most famous classes of NP-complete problems, such as traveling salesman and the knapsack problem, apply coupon for discount:266B9C51C90B3728782E, Jump Start! if you can identify the runtime complexity of different algorithms. I can hop on anytime and pull whatever photo is inspiring me to post.”, “Dropbox increased our team’s collaboration while working from home, which has increased our flexibility and could revolutionize our office culture.”, “We’re a grass-roots nonprofit. Note there are different kinds of tries. Being an Open Source developer is financially challenging. Adding a single line to get a filename instead of specifying a filename on the command line can transform your program into one that "normal people" will feel comfortable using. There are SO many AI programs that have been published that are command-line driven. PySimpleGUI is a Python package that enables Python programmers of all levels to create GUIs. The Input element's key will be used as a dictionary key later in the code. As a token of appreciation, this readme file has been translated into Japanese. Se você precisa reduzir custos e aumentar o desempenho, pode se beneficiar muito da modelagem de processos.A representação gráfica dos processos ajuda a compreender o trabalho realizado na organização, gerando insights para otimizações. Deep Dive Java: Garbage Collection is Good! Some features, like a System Tray Icon, are not available on all of the ports. If it wasn't useful and necessary information to help you get a speedy reply and fix, you wouldn't be asked to fill it out. Keep going. For this, you only need to make a single call to one of the "high-level functions" called popup. Forking is really copy on write (read-only) until the new process writes to memory, then it does a full copy. The window definition is simplified by using Python core data types understood by beginners (lists and dictionaries). through my notes and making flashcards, so I could review. Launched in 2018. The documentation is located on "Read The Docs" so that there is a table of contents for each document and they are easy to search. CON INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL, INVESTIGADORES SERGISTAS … but it grew to the large list you see today. What happens when the bar is placed on the ground and can be stepped over? You can use the built-in drawing/graphing capabilities to produce custom graphs. Get the Demo Programs & Demo Browser,,, Desktop PCs, Laptops, Raspberry Pi, Android devices running PyDroid3,, (both run tkinter in a browser), PySimpleGUI wraps a special API to store "User Settings", Integrates with several weather APIs to make weather apps, Web Scraping (GitHub issue watcher example). If you need more detail on this subject, see "String Matching" section in Additional Detail on Some Subjects. If you don't have a whiteboard at home, pick up a large drawing pad from an art store. While the goal is to encapsulate/hide the specific objects and code used by the GUI framework you are running on top of, if needed you can access the frameworks' dependent widgets and windows directly. Se você precisa reduzir custos e aumentar o desempenho, pode se beneficiar muito da modelagem de processos.A representação gráfica dos processos ajuda a compreender o trabalho realizado na organização, gerando insights para otimizações. You can expand capabilities without directly modifying the PySimpleGUI package itself. LA UNIVERSIDAD DE SEVILLA ES LA NUEVA ALIADA ACADÉMICA DE LOS SERGISTAS Gracias a la firma de un acuerdo de colaboración con la Universidad de Sevilla, en España, los estudiantes y docentes Sergistas podrán acceder a nuevas oportunidades de movilidad académica en Europa. Relación entre consumo de bebidas azucaradas y el estado de salud nutricional del escolar de 6 – 12 años de la Unidad Educativa Tomas Bernardo Oleas Cajabamba, octubre 2021 marzo 2022. I'm Mike. When Should Approximate Query Processing Be Used? tkinter team - PySimpleGUI would be nowhere without your lengthy work & continuous dedication. Automate time-consuming processes with powerful admin and collaboration tools. It's not a bad trade... fill in the form, get free software support. DFS-based algorithms (see Aduni videos above): You probably won't see any dynamic programming problems in your interview, but it's worth being able to recognize a This is one of the questions that the PySimpleGUI project has tried to answer. Python has brought a large number of people into the programming community. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. ", Detailed guide on how to set up your resume from scratch, write effective resume content, optimize it, and test your resume. No problem, copy the demo code and instantly have a Matplotlib drawing of your dreams into your GUI. The objective of this degree work was the implementation of an electronic prototype with the capacity to supervise, classify and control the quality of products in the agricultural sector, through the application of soft computing techniques and machine learning algorithms that contributed to the identification of images in real time. A demo application is provided to you so that you have a working example to start from. See Nick White and FisherCoder Videos above for code walk-throughs. Everything below is an outline, and you should tackle the items in order from top to bottom. You'll be doing a lot of reading and coding. To use a theme, call the theme function with the name of the theme before creating your window. I did read a lot of red-black tree code, I want to learn more about B-Tree since it's used so widely with very large data sets. While I'm a relative newcomer to Python, I've been writing software since the 70s. Please fill in the form. Using lists to define your GUI has some huge advantages over how GUI programming is done using other frameworks. @israel-dryer is another long-term supporter and has written several PySimpleGUI programs that pushed the envelope of the package's capabilities. You can sit on the couch and practice. Even taking a moment to say "thank you" helps, and a HUGE number of you have done that. # Part 4 - Event loop or call, # Do something with the information gathered, # Display and interact with the Window using an Event Loop, # See if user wants to quit or window was closed. CSS3 delivers a wide range of stylization and effects, There are all kinds of popups, some collect information. Yay! The method used was cross-sectional, descriptive, correlational, and observational with a quantitative focus on a sample of 188 adolescents between 14 and 18 years of age. That HTML5 T-shirt turning heads in the office? Have a story, not just data, ... You can expect system design questions if you have 4+ years of experience. In the Demo Programs or one of the PySimpleGUI Account's Repos these packages were used at least one time. With the results obtained, general characteristics of age and sex were determined. It's worth the subscription money for the 1-2 months you'll likely be preparing. My flashcard database in Anki format: (thanks @xiewenya). Construir nuestro Design System Are you sure you want to create this branch? But I wanted exposure to coding one up and let's face it, splay trees are the bee's knees. Nothing prepared me for the emails that started to arrive soon after the first release of PySimpleGUI. The call reference documentation is a valuable resource that will make programming in PySimpleGUI, uhm, simple. ESTE ES EL REQUISITO DE INGLÉS QUE DEBES CUMPLIR PARA GRADUARTE La nueva Resolución Unificada Multicampus de Inglés, con la que se busca fortalecer la formación global de los Sergistas y facilitar su requisito de grado, solo aplicará para los estudiantes que ingresaron a … For example, Amazon has Just pick a few that interest you. I'm using GitHub's special markdown flavor, including tasks lists to track progress. You have to see the You're #1 to me. Algorithm design canvas. What a special kind of thing to make. The main theoretical references related to these factors were established; It was a study with a nonexperimental mixed approach, observational with a The AVL tree is another structure supporting O(log n) search, insertion, and removal. The objective of the present degree work was the design of a prototype of an inmotic system based on facial recognition using artificial vision, to control access in restricted areas, the achievement of the following objectives was proposed: as the main one was the design of the prototype that meets all the requirements, in addition to investigating artificial vision algorithms … Each row in your window becomes a list in your layout. there is a lot to consider when designing a software/hardware system that can scale. Each family plan member gets their own private Dropbox account for less than the price of two Plus plans. PySimpleGUI makes it easier to manipulate colors and features like removing the title bar. Think of about 20 interview questions you'll get, along with the lines of the items below. The PyPI link for the tkinter version of PySimpleGUI is: It's a long plan. Be thinking of for when the interview comes. The aim of this research was to determine the influence wielded by the sociodemographic characteristics in the nutritional status of the elderly who come to the outpatient clinic of “La Maná ” Health Center, 2021. What does your dev cycle look like? It wouldn't have been 1/4th of what it is without his amazing skills in video production, course design, marketing brilliance, and web programming. You're excited about HTML5; we are too. The statistical analysis resoluted that 42% of the sample presented risk of malnutrition and 20% s... Elija una comunidad para visualizar sus colecciones. Really? The objective of this research work was to establish the relationship between the consumption of sugary drinks and the nutritional health status of school children between the ages of 6 and 12 from the Tomas Bernardo Oleas Educational Unit in the city of Cajabamba, October 2021 - March 2022. My favorite coding problem site. - PyCon 2015, Keynote David Beazley - Topics of Interest (Python Asyncio), Agile Software Testing with James Bach (video), Open Lecture by James Bach on Software Testing (video), Steve Freeman - Test-Driven Development (that’s not what we meant) (video), Notes on Data Structures and Programming Techniques, Stanford Lecture (real world use case) (video), MIT, Advanced Data Structures, Strings (can get pretty obscure about halfway through) (video), Representation of Floating Point Numbers - 1 (video - there is an error in calculations - see video description), The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets, What Every Programmer Absolutely, Positively Needs To Know About Encodings And Character Sets To Work With Text, UDP and TCP: Comparison of Transport Protocols (video), TCP/IP and the OSI Model Explained! It's truly amazing how possibilities have opened up for so many people. If the window wasn't closed nor the Quit button clicked, then execution continues. If we're not enjoying the process then someone's going to give up. Someday he's going to be whisked away, but until then we're all benefiting from his talent. There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. Have a story, not just data, ... You can expect system design questions if you have 4+ years of experience. PySimpleGUI can enable you to embed Matplotlib graphs directly into your GUI window. It's an informal way for people to show off what they've made. but it makes them valuable building blocks in other data structures which provide worst-case guarantees; Planificación financiera y la incidencia en la rentabilidad para el uso eficiente de recursos económicos del sector cooperativo del segmento 3, cantón Riobamba, periodo 2018 -2020. Create GUI applications trivially with a full set of widgets. It adds a little bit of energy and keeps the whole project's momentum. Implementación de un sistema de supervisión y alerta del consumo y fugas de agua potable aplicable a una residencia estudiantil. Pull Requests are not accepted. It has a remote control panel and stores data on an FTP server to maintain a climatic history. such as YouTube videos (preferably university lectures), so that you people can study these anytime, Búsqueda avanzada. Here's a peek: Every Man, Woman and Child can show their HTML5 Pride! A free Python centric data structures and algorithms course. If you use Open Source software in your project, be sure and supply information about the packages you used. What did you most enjoy at [job x / project y]? If you want to display some data and get a choice from your user, it can be done in a line of code instead of a page of code. Dropbox helps you simplify your workflow. Please the following: Download the file and place in your application's folder. for both programs and your users. And easily recover your work if something ever goes wrong. Implement sorts & know best case/worst case, average complexity of each: no bubble sort - it's terrible - O(n^2), except when n <= 16. View our API Directory, the largest Application Programming Interface repository on the web Easy to use, reliable, private, and secure. The following sections showcase a fraction of the uses for PySimpleGUI. However, with some attention to detail, you can do several things to make windows look attractive. Want to share your PySimpleGUI program with friends and family that don't have Python installed on their computer? In practice: For example, the Text element can be written simply as T. The Input element can be written as I and the Button as B. With Dropbox, your files belong to you, not us, so you can be sure we’re not reselling your data. Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. Save everything with 2,000 GB of space—and get some handy tools to help you stay organized. Most problems may be easier than what you'll see in an interview (from what I've read). In this example, our window will remain on the screen until the user closes the window or clicks the Quit button. Let's take a quick look at some of the differences between this example and the one-shot window. It stands strong and true, resilient and universal as the markup Here is the same layout as before with an extra Text element added to each row so that you can more easily see how rows are defined: Each row of this layout is a list of elements that will be displayed on that row in your window. While PySimpleGUI is currently licensed under an open-source license, the project itself is structured like a proprietary product. to use Codespaces. Expect to spend quite a bit of time on this, designing a system under certain constraints. From what I can tell, these aren't used much in practice, but I could see where they would be: for processes and threads see videos 1-11, CPU activity, interrupts, context switching, Modern concurrency constructs with multicore processors, Process resource needs (memory: code, static storage, stack, heap, and also file descriptors, i/o), Thread resource needs (shares above (minus stack) with other threads in the same process but each has its own pc, stack counter, registers, and stack). PySimpleGUI has an open-source license and it would be great if it could remain that way. Diplomado en Design Thinking; Diplomado en Google y Facebook Ads; Diplomado Ejecutivo Digital Planner; Diplomado en Diseño de Experiencia de Usuario UX – UI; Política y Relaciones Internacionales; Diplomado en Gestión Electoral, Liderazgo Político Comunal y Territorial; Diplomado en Desarrollo Territorial Regional y Gestión Pública You can immediately get feedback on how they are affecting the algorithm. If you want to get information, then you will call functions that start with popup_get_ such as popup_get_filename. The purpose of the present investigation is the design of a treatment system for the waters coming from the enameling/glazing area of the flooring plant of the Ecuacerámica company for its reuse., The GitHub repo's latest version can be found here: Do 2 or 3 questions regarding linked lists. When I started this project, I didn't know a stack from a heap, didn't know Big-O anything, or anything about trees, or how to Every data structure I had ever used was built into the language, and I didn't know how they worked Duplicating Excel in every detail is an example of something not well suited for PySimpleGUI. B-Trees are widely used in databases. I made a mobile-first website, so I could review on my phone or tablet, wherever I am. It would be great to replace the online course resources with free and always-available public sources, popup on itself makes a window to display information. not just when a specific online course is in session. Every message is a little push forward. This analysis is essential to make correct decisions. In this example, you can see in yellow the command that was executed. They each found success and expressed joy and gratitude. operations on 2-4 trees are also equivalent to color-flipping and rotations in red–black trees. "DESARROLLO PERSONAL para estudiantes UPV" ... Design Thinking aplicado a la docencia . The research was focused on designing and implementing a system that allows the energy consumption measurements and monitoring of the existing circuits located on the main distribution board in residence located in Riobamba city in Chimborazo province. This is the window that Example 2 produces. You can easily set the transparency of a window as well. Since the above packages each have a similar license clause, I'm listing them here, in what I would consider a "prominent notice" location, that I'm using the fine works of these groups or individuals. Your code is not required to have an object oriented architecture which makes the package usable by a larger audience. Save and access your files from any device, and share them with anyone. but you'll also need to find a language that you can use to study computer science concepts. To be honest, financial help is needed. ; Advanced CS assumes the student has already taken the entirety of Core CS and is knowledgeable enough now to decide which electives to take. Tesis EP Ingeniería Industrial. Changing the Window creation call in Example 1 to this line of code produces a similar semi-transparent window: While not specifically written as a game development SDK, PySimpleGUI makes the development of some games quite easy. document. under the hood at all. Master the technical interview without endless grinding. Sé un psicólogo UTP. Core CS assumes the student has already taken high school math, including algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus. And because PySimpleGUI code is portable across the GUI frameworks, these same parameters work for the other ports such as Qt. Because PySimpleGUI is compatible back to Python 3.4, it is capable of creating a GUI for your Raspberry Pi projects. I've dedicated my days, nights, and weekends to the project and PySimpleGUI users. Information is posted frequently including release contents, tips & tricks, documentation updates, etc. If you need more detail on this subject, see "Sorting" section in Additional Detail on Some Subjects. Does not check translations due to file size limit. but when you're learning how these low-level data structures are built, it's great to feel close to the metal. I wouldn't recommend sorting a linked list, but merge sort is doable. Be sure and install the Demo Browser (instructions in the Cookbook) so that you can search and run the 100s of demo programs. An alternative to using my flashcard site is Anki, which has been recommended to me numerous times. Porting GUI code from one framework to another (e.g. I find writing these GUI programs to be a lot of fun. GUIs can also make interacting with some programs easier, even for those that are comfortable with a command-line interface. data compression, ropes (replacement of string used for long text strings), in Windows NT (in the virtual memory, Depending on the program and framework used, a PySimpleGUI program may require 1/2 to 1/10th amount of code to create an identical window using one of the frameworks directly. The items listed here will prepare you well for a technical interview at just about any software company, @Snaiel made the Udemy course happen. hashcodes, a Red-Black tree is used. Lights, camera, Track all of your team’s work with Asana while keeping Dropbox content alongside. you write. You know that HTML5 badge you've placed oh-so perfectly in your footer? A richer set of tags, along with RDFa, microdata, Última atualização em 26/10/2020 . Work on a more formal gallery of user-submitted GUIs as well as those found on GitHub is underway but as of this writing it's not complete. There are 100s of pages of written documentation and 100s of example programs that will help you be effective very quickly. The number of programs and the range of areas it touches is mindboggling. Have at least one answer for each. Creating a transparent window requires adding a single parameter to the call that creates your Window. He's a fantastic developer and has been a PySimpleGUI supporter since the project's launch. The majority of Python programs are "command line" based. Panamericana Sur Km 1 1/2 - Riobamba, Ecuador It's possible to condense a window's code down to a single line of code. Plan tutorial frente a los factores personales y socioeconómicos que influyen en las prácticas preprofesionales de los estudiantes de enfermería de la Universidad Católica de Cuenca sede-Macas, diciembre 2021-marzo 2022. Check the header of this readme and the PySimpleGUI documentation for a coupon code. After going through this study plan, I got hired This HTML5 logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution The term "wrapper" is sometimes used for these kinds of packages. You need to be very comfortable in the language and be knowledgeable. for example, many data structures used in computational geometry can be based on red–black trees, and You signed in with another tab or window. HTML, CSS, and other front-end technologies, Problem recognition, and where the right data structures and algorithms fit in, Talking your way through the problem like you will in the interview, Coding on a whiteboard or paper, not a computer, Coming up with time and space complexity for your solutions (see Big-O below), Super for walkthroughs of problem solutions, Good explanations of solution and the code. and be able to recognize them when an interviewer asks you them in disguise. Evaluación de la reutilización de un dispositivo liberador de progesterona (CIDR) en la inducción de celo y la ovulación en vacas Holstein. They've been a source of positive energy that gets the development engine started and ready to run every day. Bring Slack conversations and Dropbox content together to keep teams in sync. It's user-friendly, available on all platforms and has a cloud sync system. I added the pen in the photo just for scale. The unique minesweeper that uses an image for the board was created by Israel. As momentum builds, we hope you bring this logo along for the ride and paint the world orange. Automatically back up important files on your devices to the cloud and easily restore them. This is my "sofa whiteboard". It may take you months. By using short-hand aliases, you can save even more space in your code by using fewer characters. If you run into trouble, help is available by opening on Issue on the PySimpleGUI GitHub. Start up a board in seconds, automate tedious tasks, and collaborate anywhere, even on mobile. If you find it hard to come up with good answers of these types of interview questions, here are some ideas: Some of mine (I already may know the answers, but want their opinion or team perspective): You can expect system design questions if you have 4+ years of experience. Nearly all elements have an update method. And here's what it looks like after you enter a value into the Input field and click the Ok button. Ignacio Aguilar Zuluaga Profesor de Ética de la Escuela de Administración de la Universidad Sergio Arboleda . Trello is the ultimate project management tool. covered by this License. The first is a user submitted screenshots issue located on the GitHub. balanced search tree in your interview. The PySimpleGUI team is tiny and they're all superstars. Red–black trees offer worst-case guarantees for insertion time, deletion time, and search time. Learn more. And it's just as easy to request a signature from someone else. You have HTML5 on the brain. There are a lot of distractions that can take up valuable time. These are 2 separate roles and the interviews for We ONE GUI API for 3 different OS's? 2022/2023 CANDIDATURA: 50,00€ MATRÍCULA: 300,00€ (inclui seguro e cartão de estudante) PROPINA MENSAL: 399,00€ * 11 MENSALIDADES DOCUMENTAÇÃO FINAL GRATUITA: Certificado em Português, Suplemento ao Diploma (em Português e Inglês) e Carta de Curso DESCONTO DE 5% PARA … These are a translation of a 2-3 tree (see below). networking and file system code) etc. I'll help you get there without wasting your precious time. You can pass multiple parameters just like a print. to track the path, I read through code, but will not implement. Estudio del efecto de estrés térmico y eléctrico en dispositivos electrónicos a través de mediciones de ruido de baja frecuencia. traverse a graph. To upgrade using pip, you simply add 2 parameters to the line --upgrade --no-cache-dir. “Dropbox has been tremendously helpful for social media. I never had to manage memory unless a process I was running would give an "out of I value these thanks and find inspiration in the words alone. We present an HTML5 logo. It uses a repetition system to help you remember. If you missed out on getting a degree in computer science, like I did, this will catch you up and save four years of your life. @Chr0nicT is the youngest developer I've worked with, ever, on projects. Here's a simple set of steps you can take - Create a GitHub repo, post the code, and include a screenshot in your repo's readme file. You don't even need to have the source code to the program you wish to add a GUI onto. It's a super review and test. The importance of this study lies in the high incidence and prevalence of parasitic infections in humans. . There is a significant amount of documentation, a cookbook, 100's of demo programs to get you immediately running, a detailed call reference, YouTube videos, online Trinket demos, and more... all working to create... a fun experience. 6.006: DP IV: Guitar Fingering, Tetris, Super Mario Bros. 6.046: Dynamic Programming: All-Pairs Shortest Paths, 6.046: Dynamic Programming (student recitation), Synchronous Distributed Algorithms: Symmetry-Breaking. Share 2,000 GB of storage between 6 people. PySimpleGUI was built for developers. It’s no wonder Dropbox is the choice for storing and sharing your most important files. The styling was updated to use more appropriate theme colors. Aureus and Escherichia coli, divided into five treatments: T0= control treatment; T1= (15%) EHAPA; T2= (30%) EHAPA; T3= (45%) EHAPA; T4= (60%) EHAPA; with 3 repetitions for each treatment. As part of the methodology, the experimental design steps are described starting from establishing the stress requirements that must be applied to devices to demonstrate the presence of low-frequency noise. Show us your screenshots, photos, and other creative endeavors and they might end up right here in our HTML5ivers Gallery. Created by Google engineers, this is also an excellent resource to hone your skills. Cómo construir Rúbricas o Matrices de Valoración. Lots of concepts in computer science are tradeoffs or subjective. sign in 8 Things You Need to Know Before a System Design Interview, Database Normalization - 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and 4NF (video). Dirección de Bibliotecas y Recursos para el Aprendizaje e Investigación In this example, the windows have their titlebars removed. Multi-Window applications are also simple. PySimpleGUI has extensive documentation to help you understand all of the options available to you. The last statement in the Event Loop is this one: This statement updates the Text element that has the key -OUTPUT- with a string. Listar por. If you want to work as a software engineer for a large company, these are the things you have to know. The following methods were used to implement this system: deductive, heuristic, and experimental. Tell the world. By far the best way to experience these demos is using the Demo Browser. You need to apply what you're learning to solving problems, or you'll forget. For example, it's not possible to change the color/look-and-feel of a titlebar using tkinter or the other GUI packages, but with PySimpleGUI it's easy to create windows that appear as if they have a custom titlebar. You don't need to go super deep in the book (or even finish it). Tired of the default grey GUIs? You've not just been enjoying the HTML5-powered web already — you're building it! Get your message across with screenshots, GIFs, or videos recorded right on your screen. In the version 8 of Java, There are 4 basic ways to represent a graph in memory: Familiarize yourself with each representation and its pros & cons, BFS and DFS - know their computational complexity, their trade offs, and how to implement them in real code, When asked a question, look for a graph-based solution first, then move on if none. Nothing to implement here, you're just watching videos and taking notes!
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